TEDxAugusta will be held on Friday, January 30, 2015 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the Imperial Theater in downtown Augusta, Georgia. Our theme for 2015 is CONNECTIONS.

Ali Llewellyn

The Poetry that Robonaut Writes: How Science, Technology and Space Exploration Make Us More Human

Amanda Dojack

Operation: PLARN

Celeste Headlee

Don’t Find a Job, Find a Mission

Chris McKinney

Creating the Future: Why Wait?

David Bowers

Decrypting Social Intercourse

Elwood Robinson

Legacy of Learning, Innovation and Leading: The History and Importance of the HBCU Experience.

Fayth Parks

How culture connects to healing and recovery

Harry Judd

Parenting to Empower

Heidi Rae Cooley

Augusta Matters

Jeff Foley

Connecting Art and Leadership

John Rigg

The effect of trauma on the brain and how it affects behaviors.

Lucas Shaffer

‘Hacking The Middle Class”?

Steven Uhles

Creative Capital – The Inherent Worth of the Abstract

Turner Simkins

The Anatomy of a Renaissance

Jim Rawson

Virtual Communities and Social Media: How will you use these tools to change the world?

Samir Khleif

Cancer Health for Underserved Communities, A Sustainable Model

Deke Copenhaver

Cities: Where All Things Connect

If you want to be considered as a speaker or performer for next year, please read the rules http://www.ted.com/pages/tedx_curating_speakers.

Watch a few TED Talks if you need a boost: http://blog.ted.com/2012/10/14/the-20-most-watched-tedx-talks-so-far/

Read what people are saying about being a speaker at TED: http://www.ted.com/pages/646

Applications for next year will take place in June 2014.

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