Meet the Team

Grace Belangia

Curator and lead organizer, 3rd Degree Media, Connecting, communicating and collaborating with your community. Founding member @_clubhouse, HACKAugusta

Eric Parker

Co-organizer, architect + entrepreneur, designing a box where the outside is in, and then thinking outside the box again @HackAugusta @_Clubhouse @TAGAugusta CONima

Keith Edmondson

“Money, Life, & Leadership Coach; Community Builder; Man of Faith; Owner/President of Augusta Sports Leagues @PlayAugusta”

Natasha Carter

Goal Oriented, Optimistic, Colorful, Creative, Founder & CEO of @CarterBeachem Communications.

Polly Williams

Passionate about a lifelong education,humor, travel,my faith,and seeing all the positives in life.

Travis Smith

Photographer for TEDx Telfair Street, designer, creative thinker, engaged husband, father and friend.

Cobbs Nixon

Husband, father, grandfather, soldier, reader, hiker, senior “athlete”, student, civic boards, Westobou Festival… and Passionate about Augusta, new faces and new ideas.

Jeremy Mace

Designer, digital marketer, husband, father, wanna-be super-hero and co-owner of NewFire Media.

Sallie West

A quirky, innovative marketer who is dedicated to seeing the revitalization of downtown Augusta via its creative communities.

Jamie Lowe

Brandy Horne

Chloe Belangia

Dawn O’Brian

David Walker

Emma Bentley

Joe Pierce

Michael Banks

Samuel Wilson

Travis Lanier

Tracey Melvin

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