Early-bird Ticket sales announced

Grace Belangia
Curator and Leader Organizer



Augusta, GA – TEDxAugusta is pleased to announce the sale of early-bird tickets will start September 18th for only $50, but there is a catch. The speakers for TEDxAugusta won’t be announced until the end of the early-bird ticket sales.

TEDxAugusta is the second independently organized TEDx event in Augusta, hosted in the historic Imperial Theatre at 749 Broad Street. Organized by a core team of 20 community members, TEDxAugusta is an event that encourages creative thinking and sharing in the greater Augusta community. The attendees of the conference will have access to interactive exhibits with TEDxAugusta supporters, TEDx goodies, t-shirt,  lunch, snack and beverages at the all day conference.

“So many people told us that they’d met other people and networked with people that they never would have crossed paths with had they not attended TEDxTelfairStreet,” said Eric Parker, Co-Curator of TEDxTelfairStreet and TEDx Augusta. “We were very touched and excited to begin the process to host another TEDx event.”

The TEDx Augusta team decided that, this year, there would be no live broadcast locations of the TEDxAugusta, as there were for TEDxTelfairStreet. Again, pre-sale tickets for TEDx Augusta will go on sale on September 18, 2014. These special “early bird” tickets, for $50 each, are available until October 15, 2015 upon the selection and announcement of TEDxAugusta speakers. General Admission and V.I.P. tickets go on sale November 1, 2014.  V.I.P. access will guarantee reserved seating and invitation to post-event cocktail party. Regularly-priced tickets will start at $65 and V.I.P. start at $100 after the close of the early-bird ticket sales.  Student, senior and military discount tickets will also be available during the regularly-priced ticket sales. You can purchase tickets at any time between September 15, 2014 and the day of the conference, January 30, 2015. Tickets are limited.


For more information about TEDx Augusta and how you can become involved visit TEDxAugusta.com. You can also follow us on Twitter @TEDxAugusta, Facebook and Instagram, or contact Grace Belangia at grace@TEDxAugusta.com or 706-877-8707.

TEDx AUGUSTA is waiting for YOU!


What are YOU waiting for?

About two years ago a group of forward-thinking hackers, makers, entrepreneurs and start-ups in the Greater Augusta area had the vision and desire to create a place to build a technology community, literally and figuratively, and so theClubhou.se was born.  I was invited to join theClubhou.se group and began my journey as a change agent, even though the scope of my technological experience was limited to being an expert in using clip art. I couldn’t write a line of code to save my life. But I could use technology to help share the work being done, spread the message, increase the awareness of what this citizen-led group was accomplishing. I could also foster conversations with the community to increase advocacy, funding and programs being offered. when the idea of organizing a TEDx event in Augusta was suggested, I was an ordinary person who was challenged to live outside my comfort zone. As my new year’s resolution in 2013, I applied and got approval to be the licensee for Augusta’s first TEDx event; TEDxTelfairStreet.

I felt like I got a license to change peoples lives, which is apparently what happened to most of the speakers that were selected for TEDxTelfairStreet. It was a license to encourage those in our community to get out of their comfort zone and share their “idea worth spreading” with a captive audience which appreciated and respected thinking outside the box. It was the challenge of giving people a platform to share their vision, speak their mind and start a conversation with people who’s paths they might never have crossed had they not participated in TEDxTelfairStreet. The event changed the lives of people I have never met, nor will I ever meet.

It’s changed my life, for the better. Though it’s a daunting task to undertake, I am surrounded by an awesome group of community volunteers who have teamed up again to produce TEDxAugusta, which will take place Friday, January 30th 2015 at the historic Imperial Theater in downtown Augusta.

So get outside your comfort zone and consider applying as a speaker for TEDxAugusta. It could change your life in ways you cannot even imagine. Maybe you could even suggest someone who has a “idea worth spreading” and encourage them to apply. The deadline is September 1, 2014. www.TEDxAugusta.com


Grace Belangia

TEDx Augusta Curator


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Amazing, yet possible: Why I wanted to be a TEDx speaker

Almost exactly a year ago, a colleague at USC Aiken tagged me and several other “smartie pants” (her words) in a Facebook post linking out to TEDx TelfairStreet’s call for speakers. I was flattered that she would think of me, but I was also reflexively dismissive. The thought of me giving a TEDx talk immediately struck me as absurd. What could I possibly have to say that would be TED worthy, and honestly, who would care?

I’d watched TED talks for years, so the format of great ideas presented briefly and simply was familiar to me, and I loved it. TED talks are so clear and so engaging that it’s easy to get caught up and to become excited. Several talks have left me with goosebumps, and I’ve often thought that I’d like to have that opportunity. To stand on a TED stage, to have thousands of people listening to what I have to say, to have them engaging with my ideas; that would be beyond amazing.

Amazing, yet impossible.

I thought it could never happen. The prestige of the events, the high profiles and credentials of the speakers all seemed beyond me. By the end of each video, excitement and inspiration would give way to nagging self-doubt. The speakers were all so accomplished, so brilliant, and many were so young. Taking stock of my own accomplishments, or lack thereof, I would always end up feeling like a hopeless underachiever.

I couldn’t let it go, though. Having been tagged in that Facebook post, I began to wonder if I might actually have something to contribute. That Fall, when the students came back and my instruction load picked up, I realized that I did. In the place where my personal interest in politics and language intersected with my work as an academic librarian, I knew that I had a unique perspective, an idea worth spreading.

So I applied to be a speaker. Soon afterwards, I was called in for an interview. At the end of September, I got an email saying that my proposal had been accepted. As I sat in the living room, reading and rereading the email, my husband asked me what was wrong, because I’d begun crying.

In his post, David Walker said that speaking at TEDx TelfairStreet was the highlight of his life. I wholeheartedly echo this statement. It was an amazing, if humbling, experience. I feel so fortunate to have been a part of Augusta’s first TEDx event and to be associated with all those involved.

To stand on a TEDx stage, to have people listening to what you have to say, to have them engaging with your ideas; it’s beyond amazing.

If you think you might have an idea worth spreading, I urge you to apply.

Brandy Horne

#AMA, ya dig?

Hey Everyone!

I want to take a minute to talk about the upcoming Twitter chat with Leonard “Porckchop” Zimmerman which will happen tomorrow between 8AM and 5PM.

All you have to do is tweet a question for Porkchop. In the tweet, include his username, @pantone811. You should also use the hashtags #TEDxAugusta and #AMA.

“AMA” stands for “Ask me Anything” which is essentially a question and answer session. “AMA” started on Reddit, a popular internet forum. Check out a successful AMA here! The public relations team met a few weeks ago. We realized that an AMA on Twitter was something we’d never seen and we’d like to give a try. Join TEDx Augusta and Leonard “Porkchop” Zimmerman for the very first TEDx Augusta AMA!

Happy Tweeting!

Jamie Lowe

Here’s a picture of Porkchop!



David Walker’s take on the Talk

David Walker is a husband, father of three girls, lifestyle photographer and graphic designer. He also publishes weekly essays for TheAugustan.com. He cares deeply about the community and, like many people, wants to see Augusta thrive. 

I have been a fan of TED Talks for years. When I heard that Augusta was going to host a TEDx event, I was extremely excited. I was a little nervous about the process of auditioning, but it turned out to be fantastic! What impressed me was that The TEDxAugusta team was really committed to creating a quality event. Not to sound to overdramatic, but speaking at Augusta’s first TEDx event was the highlight of my life. Being around people that are genuinely interested in sharing thoughtful, positive, and interesting ideas is wonderful. I have made friends that I still keep in touch with to this day that I would not have meet them under any other circumstances.

If you are still on the fence about signing up or participating in TEDxAugusta, don’t be. Just do it.

David Walker

The Augustan

This is David Walker, one of the speaker for the 2014 TEDx Telfair Street conference.

You can watch David’s TEDx Telfair Street talk by clicking on this link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pgTG5-C_qs

Excellence by Design

TEDxAugusta bring together people in the community interested in ideas worth spreading and sharing goodwill in the greater Augusta area. The unofficial headquarters for TEDxAugusta is theClubhou.se, a non-profit co-working and innovation space where we produce over 50 events each year, which are designed to attract top tech talent and support regional entrepreneurs.

In two short years, theClubhou.se has grown to become the hub of Augusta’s technology and startup activities whose mission is to:

  • ENGAGE the regional community to foster innovation.
  • EDUCATE a workforce to meet the demands of a tech-based economy.
  • ELEVATE individuals to achieve great things and give back to their communities.

Our approach is to treat technology as a cultural institution as much as an economic driver and we measure the ROI in communities that embrace whimsical experimentation and creative problem solving. We were recently profiled in the Georgia Municipal Association as a city that cultivates a community of forward thinkers and positive innovation, and producing events such as TEDxAugusta encourages people to connect and thrive.

Feel free to watch the entire video or cue the video to 8:33 to see how connections are being formed in Augusta.


It looks like the community really enjoyed our first TEDx event. We got great feedback and look forward to posting the videos soon. Please sign up for our email newsletter for the latest news and follow our social media. Thank you again to all the speakers, sponsors, volunteers and team.